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Home defeat against Nottinghamshire

Updated: May 1, 2023

A very close games ending in defeat for Gloucestershire 17-19 loss. Going right down to the wire.

The Women had a very solid weekend, the B finishing 3-3 as well as the A.

Womens B lady of the match was Sam Higgins with a 15.18 and for the A Carol Smith with a 20.04. Fantastic Darts both.

Onto the men. The B side fell a little short losing 5-7 with some close games. Mark Wellington took the man of the match award with a 26.49.

The mens A battled hard finishing the game 6-6. Man of the match was Harry Williams with a 26.23.


Next game is Wiltshire away on the 4-5th February. Best of luck to all involved.

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