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A Special Message

Dave Neale one of the founder members of Gloucestershire County Darts Organisation has sadly died. He was a great supporter of the County and of the players since we joined the BDO County League in 1979. Over the years he was General Secretary, Mens Team Manager, Honorary Vice President and Chairman of GCDO. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of darts and players but was an enigmatic character. If he liked you, all was well, but woe betide you if he didn't! I took over from Dave as General Secretary in 1981 and we had good and bad times during the 80s in particular. I respected, loved and sometimes disliked him, but how I, my family and all involved in the GCDO will miss him! Always thought that Dave was like a stick of rock with Gloucestershire County Darts imprinted through him!

May God bless you, Dave.

Val pallister

Vice president GCDO

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