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The long Cumbria journey

The long journey to Cumbria for the latest county match did not go to plan. We suffered a heavy loss against a very good Cumbria side.

The score line was closer than it seems, it doesn't show how close some of the games were.

It was 24-12 in Cumbrias favour.

The weekend started off with the womens B taking a 6-0 loss. The mens B then followed with a 8-4 defeat. Man of the match award went to Richard Bambridge.

The day ended 14-4 for Cumbria.

The Sunday started off a lot better with the womens A taking a 4-2 win with Jane Price taking the match award with a fantastic 19.93.

Similar to the Saturday men the men's A took an 8-4 loss, with Rob Comben having the match award with a 25.81.

So far it has been a tough season for Gloucestershire. But onwards to next game where we will be taking on Nottinghamshire at home.

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